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Protect the earth, protect the environment.

Use pesticides scientifically!

Weihai Hanfu Biochemical Medicine Co., Ltd.


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Entrepreneurial spirit: Down-to-earth, pursuit excellence, innovation breakthrough, unity and harmony.

Decision principle: Personal wisdom obeys collective wisdom

Staff Code: Be a professional technical personnel

Corporate philosophy: Create an excellent team and the first-class enterprise.

Product goal: Establish an international brand and produce the best agricultural products.

Professional image goals: Responsible, professional and technical.

Employing standards: Integrity, respect your career and strong sense of responsibility.

Development motivation: Pursuit quality life, willing to feedback society.


Hanfu's declaration:

Because of love, we pay special attention to the details of the work.

Because of our dreams, we dare not stop the radical steps.

Because of our responsibility, we are committed to create high quality products.


Product commitment:

Hanfu pesticides are authentic and reliable.