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Company profile

Company profile


Weihai Hanfu Biochemical Medicine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984 and has focused on technical and formulation pesticide for more than 30 years. We mainly produce low-toxic and environment-friendly pesticides and has developed more than 100 varieties of technical and formulations. We have two factories, one for chemical pesticide and one for biochemical pesticide.


We established our own foreign trade company in 2010, Shanghai Hanfu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the company is located in Putuo District, Shanghai. This company is mainly engaged in the registration export and sale of herbicides, insecticide, fungicide, biochemical pesticide and other chemical products. Our products are exported to United States, Brazil, India, Mexico, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Croatia, Guatemala and other countries and regions.


Our foreign trade team can quickly respond to customers' product requirements, meet customer requirements for product quality, specifications and packaging, and provide one-stop service for product purchasing, packaging, customs clearance and transportation. We have strong financial strength, and we can better provide our customers with protection in the market environment where supply is tight and environmental protection policies are tightening.


We adhere to the talent strategy of people-oriented, and brand strategy of market-oriented and quality-winning. Adhering to the business philosophy of " Integrity-based, Innovation Wins ". At present, we have a group of high-quality customers, mainly in South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe and other countries and regions. We will constantly improve ourselves and steadily develop into a first-class new agrochemical enterprise. We believe that complete sincerity can affect even metal and stone, and we are willing to work together with global customers to make due contributions to increasing agricultural production and increasing farmer' income.